about smWe’re the Sims family:

alex (dadda)
chief chicken wrangler, mulch maker, apiarist, fencer and carpenter – happiest with friends listening to good music by the fireside.

emily clare (mama)
keeper of the home and hearth, preserver of the harvests, baker, marketeer and backyard gardener – loves small pots of tea, long baths and walks in wilderness.

reuben (reu, buddy)
rambunctious three-year-old – happiest when outdoors, chasing chickens, building train tracks, running matchbox cars and devouring crispy chicken skin.

beren (bear, bubba)
a wise young soul, thriving at babyhood – seen often giving furrowed brows and milky smiles.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. This is too weird! I am in France right now and just went to the Alps because nature, stomping out a good load of powder and art are my passions. Not to mention a Christ centered community of people sharing and growing together aiming to reach out to those who want a saviour.
    Basically what I’m saying here is, I want to brainstorm with your family and possibly meet somehow over the next year on how to combine all those passions and potentially spread them globally.

    Peace and grace, loved the webpage,
    Laura Jane

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