A Handmade Christmas

This is the first year in a while we have stayed in one place for the season of advent – with our own home to decorate and make merry in. I love Christmastime and the opportunity to be intentional, creative and thrifty – to involve my boys in recycling, foraging and making  beautiful…

We fashioned a sort of door wreath that would stand up to the harsh dry, windy summer weather we have here – made of burlap, linen and cotton scraps tied around a bent coat hanger. We went on walks to find pinecones in our paddock and along the roadside that could adorn our windows and advent candle wreath (and also make highly amusing toys for baby Bear).

We made gluten free salt dough for decorations to hang in the windows and give to friends. We recycled newspaper and brown wrapping paper for Christmas cards and using linocuts and white paint printed garlands and name tags on cardboard packaging. We press-cut star shapes from pure beeswax foundation (that we use in our beehives) and each week refreshed arrangements of spruce, cypress, ivy and holly for welcome sweet-smelling, greenery…

I’ve made a few hand sewn gifts using bits of linen I had in my stash – hand stitched star ornaments and elastic shorts and bloomers for the boys. A neighbour gifted us this wonderful tree made of young eucalyptus which we’ve propped in an old pot out the front of the house – and in the new year will repurpose as a climbing frame in the garden…

I love the excitement and cheer of making things, the (challenging) mess and disorder of young helpers… the growing our collection of advent decorations, and also the giving away our efforts – not spending a great deal of money, but enjoying making do…

And with two days left,
we wish you and your kin very blessing this Christmas –

for good food and health, for merrymaking, thanksgiving,
for giving and receiving, for celebration, reflection,
and for the greatest love we have in Him


2 thoughts on “A Handmade Christmas

  1. I’m afraid my comments will always read like a sycophantic groupie but these photos are so sweet. I certainly have reason to emphasise my belief you should have HTG published as a book. That new photo of Beren kills me; so adorable! I could gobble him up.

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