A May Update

IMG_0084 IMG_7377 IMG_7381 IMG_7763 IMG_7758 IMG_7771 IMG_7804IMG_7802Oh! So much has passed in the two months since our last blog post… we held three successful market stalls, harvested our first batch of raw cold-pressed honey (about 9 kilos worth), welcomed 300 day-old broiler chicks in to brood, moved our laying pullets out onto the pasture with their spiffy new mobile laying house, and not long afterwards moved the broiler chicks into their newly constructed pens on the grass, processed our first batch of deliciously plump pastured chicken, oh and had ourselves a beautiful baby boy – Beren Argyle – who is now six-weeks-old!

It’s been a truly busy Autumn and at times hard to keep up with all that needs attending to.

Lately, I’ve been re-reading poet, philosopher, farmer Wendell Berry’s The Unsettling of America and been so throughly challenged and inspired by his essays on culture and agriculture. He penned them over thirty years ago – his words, still so relevant:

“What we are working of, I think, is an authentic settlement and inhabitation of our country. We would like to se all human work lovingly adapted to the nature of the places where it is done and to the real needs of the people by whom and for whom it’s done. We do not believe that any violence to places, to people, or to it’s creatures is “inevitable”. We believe that the industrial ideology is wrong because it obscures and disrupts this necessary work of local adaption or home making… our effort to make something comely and enduring of our life on this earth will last as long as our species”


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