By the bees’ side

golden1golden5golden4golden7golden3 golden2¬†Last week we welcomed our second swarm into it’s new Warr√© hive and so far the bees seem smitten with their new home among the flowering yellow box trees. We also did our first open inspection of our older hive – mostly to nadir a third box – but also to inspect the general wellbeing of the hive and look out of for pests (of which we found no sign). We were overjoyed to find the top box completely full of honey stores and the second almost full – so thankful we added a box when we did in case the bees should out of room and looked to swarm elsewhere! We plan to do a small harvest in Autumn, making sure there is plenty of honey stores for the bees to winter on. A piece of heavy honey-ladden honeycomb fell off as we were lifting the top box, I quickly bagged it and later at home we delighted in the sweetness and pale golden colour of our first raw honey. The hint of yellow-box flowers was unmistakable. What clever, glorious creatures bees are….