A plot in common

aplotincommon02aplotincommon03aplotincommon04aplotincommon05aplotincommon08aplotincommon09Not long ago we had the wonderful opportunity to visit a nearby farm with a difference – A Plot in Common. Owners Ben and Tash, admit when they first moved to the property they had little farming experience, but in just 18  months have transformed their 10 acres to run truly free-ranging pigs, egg laying chickens, honey bees and cows, with plans to raise meat birds too. They have carved out a beautiful space for their young family to grow and thrive in amongst old chestnut trees, brick barn, a newly planted fruit orchard and profusely flowering lavender – but they are committed to sharing the joy of life on the land with others.

They have established a garden of raised beds – some for their own production and six (so far) for other plotters who can come in on their spare time to grow flowers and vegetables. In between the plots sits a long table for communal eating and sharing of ideas. It was inspiring to walk about the thriving beds and imagine people working alongside each other – growing healthy food side by side – sharing life in the truest sense!

Visit their instagram for more delightful scenes.

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