a new outlook

IMG_2197IMG_2219IMG_2308_2IMG_2181IMG_2247_2We are almost two weeks into life here at taranki farm, and firmly in love with our new outlook of windswept hillside, grassy pasture, bush forest, myriad ponds, garden, and farmyard creatures.  It is stretching us too – the cold and windiness; the 6am chores tending to hens, chicks, ducks and pigs; the temporary accommodation in a tiny converted garage; the toddler’s lingering cold and wakeful nights…. stretching and refining us to take hold of the day and enjoy all it has to offer – frost, sunshine, sideways rain, juice from your own orange tree, greens from the garden, farm-raised meat from the freezer, fifth change of clothes for said toddler, mud baths, nose bleeds, blossoming orchard, lively dinner conversation, squawking ducks, calves wriggling in their mama’s bellies, eggs still warm in the hay… Part of me feels so new it all, part of me feels like it has always belonged.  More soon…. Emily xx

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