Cityscapes: Chippendale

chippendale01chippendale05 chippendale06 chippendale07chippendale08 chippendale10 chippendale13chippendale14The inner-Sydney suburb of Chippendale is a hidden gem. One doesn’t have to wander far from Redfern station to find streets overflowing with leafy trees and verge gardens (gardens by the roadside) that range from planter boxes filled with vegetables and herb bushes, flowering natives, citrus and paupya trees, compost bins, and even a public book library!

I recently read Michael Mobb’s book “sustainable food” which documents the green transformation in his suburb of Chippendale – he also shares various sustainable water, energy and waste systems for the urban australian landscape. It is so very inspiring to see photos of the suburb before the gardens were established and then to wander around them today with my toddler delighting in the spying of birds and nasturtium flowers! To think, what small communitites are capable of when they work together with a shared vision for healthier, happier streets!

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